It has become more common to work from home. Working from home has many benefits – but it also has some downfalls. Although it offers flexibility and convenience, it can also get lonely and be less motivating. After reading our tips, you will master how to work from home like a boss!

Create a Motivating Workplace

The most important step is to create a motivating workplace at home. First, choose an area of your house designated as your home office. Then place everything you need to conduct your daily tasks in that area. Once you have collected everything you need in your designated workplace area, make sure to keep it well organized. If your space is aesthetically pleasing, you will feel more organized, in control, and relaxed.  Any clutter will distract you and make you feel less productive. Another good idea is to decorate your workplace with motivational art or plants to make the space more lively.

Simulate a Beginning and End of Workday

It can be difficult getting yourself in and out of a work mindset. Since you’re not physically entering or leaving a business office, it can be a challenge to dive into work at the beginning of the day and to leave your work behind after the day is done. You can avoid this by simulating a beginning and end of your workday. For example, before your shift starts and after it ends you can go for a short walk around your block. This will help trick your mind in believing you have traveled to work and back home. A little exercise is also good for clearing your mind and increasing concentration (who knew?!).

Change it Up

Sometimes it can get boring or lonely working from home. That’s why working at a local cafe for the day, or even for just a few hours, can make all the difference. Being at a fresh new place and surrounded by people may be all you need to feel more lively and productive.

Use a Chatting App Between Co-Workers

Since our team at UpSide works remotely the majority of the time, we have discovered effective ways to stay connected. The collaboration hub that we use to chat is Slack. Slack allows you to instantly send messages to your co-workers and get back to each other faster than emailing. You can also create group conversations between your entire team or select people. It’s great for keeping in contact with your team if you aren’t always in the office to speak face-to-face.

If you work from home, you will understand these daily challenges. We hope that by reading this you learned some tips on how to work from home like a boss by staying productive and motivated! If you want to learn more about what we do, please contact us and we would be happy to chat.