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The Role of Accounting Professionals in Supporting Small Businesses During Economic Uncertainty

A person with an edgy appearance, including an unspoiled mohawk haircut, is sitting at a desk during a zoom call. They are discussing the financial aspects of their small business and taking notes in a notebook beside them.

As a small creative business owner in Canada, navigating through economic uncertainty can be challenging. With fluctuating market conditions and unpredictable consumer behaviour, it’s essential

The Security Advantages of Using Cloud Accounting for Canadian Creative Businesses

A young woman with a perplexed look and pursed lips, holding a tablet in her hands. She is seated at a minimal desk with creative artist tools and another computer.

Cloud accounting is a revolutionary way for Canadian creative businesses to manage their finances securely and efficiently. This technology allows businesses to access their financial

Managing Payroll for Creative Businesses: Key Considerations

A young woman in a work apron sits behind a table filled with paperwork and a computer. She appears focused and engaged in her work, showcasing her dedication to her creative field.

Running a creative business in Canada comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to managing payroll. Creative businesses often have unique