We’re here to make sure
your financial situation
reflects that value

As a creative, you get your kicks from delivering work that people love.

We get our kicks from showing you how to build and

grow your business so you can do more for more people.

You need a left brain thinker to protect your creativity.

You just want to create. Do what you’re good at. Make things people love.
Right now you’re finding you’re stressed too often and panicking about getting tripped up by the tax man. You’re seeking a partner to handle the left brain activities of the business, so you can focus on what you’re good at.

You got it.

We help creative professionals sleep at night

Turning things around is in the UpSide DNA

We don’t like that the debt to income ratio in Canada is 170% and we’re particularly passionate about turning that story around. Here are some more things we’re passionate about.



Your work is valuable and we’ll help you make sure your financial situation reflects that value. You are dedicated to your work and it makes the world a better place. We value creativity.


Our founder grew up the eldest son of a single mom that used government assistance to turn her life around.

A better way

We are always looking for improvements and win-win opportunities. We quickly adopt change that works better.

Meet the UpSide Team




The first step is making sure you aren’t stressed about the tax authorities.