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Mike Widdis ICIA, CPB   
President & Founder
Voted World’s Best Dad*

*only Mike’s 3 daughters surveyed

I love planning and helping people!

Growing up with a single mom and a younger brother made things tough, especially financially.  However, my mother happened to be a bookkeeper and a darn good one at that!   From an early age, I saw first hand what a little knowledge, effort and budgeting could do and obviously it made a large impact on me.  Personal finance and tax became a hobby of mine and couldn’t help but show my friends in high school how to do their taxes.  My first career was in home renovations like kitchens, baths and basement remodels but found I often got sidetracked when subs tried to hand me an invoice on the back of a napkin.  My need to help kicked in again and I realized I could make a much larger impact helping small business owners and led to the creation of UpSide.

I am also a real estate investor, home renovator, BBQ’r & cutthroat Sorry player.

At UpSide you don’t just get a one-person show!  You get an experienced team lead by a single contact person who is ready to answer all the questions you may have.

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