Our Process

It all starts with "Hello"...

We believe that small businesses drastically improve their communities!

Family is number one.

The members of the UpSide team would do anything for our families – including working our behinds off to provide for them and so you can provide for yours! We know you have families too and value your time.

That’s why convenience is a big factor with our services.

We also provide you with personalized business advice (the kind you can’t get from reading The Wealthy Barber). Our professional bookkeeping services are like no other!

That way you can keep your personal life, well personal, and talk business with us instead.

Break the Ice

Do you like long walks on the beach? Let’s learn about each other and see if we are a good fit. We will meet face to face virtually through Zoom or Google hangouts because we’re not old-fashioned like that.

First Date

Now that the nerve racking hello is out of the way, let’s dig a little deeper. It’s time to review, search, and explore your current books, your company’s situation and procedures. We will provide a comprehensive plan for how we can work with your business and you, to be a part of your success story.

Getting to Know Each Other

You showed me yours so now I’ll show you mine. Let us impress you with what we do! We will do a tech demo to show you how we will help save you time – and space (say goodbye to storing receipts!).

Put a Ring on It

Let’s go shopping at Tiffany’s – not Walmart. Choose which customized option best suits your lifestyle and business needs. We will give you options to find the right mix of in-house vs outsourced or time vs money. You control much you want to invest based on what you find most valuable!

Happily Committed

Now that we formed a long lasting relationship, we will both do our part in maintaining it so we can both flourish. We will meet each other’s teams, set up your apps and implement them in your business, and help you make a smooth transition with training.

We want you to smile and to make this process enjoyable! You might laugh a bit at our process, but we do like to think of this as a mutually beneficial partnership. We hope to be part of your team and add value to your business through our professional bookkeeping services by supporting its growth and success!

Our Community