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We have a strong, energetic team that can't wait to provide you with real time financial data.


Mike Widdis, ICIA, CPB   

Founder, Corporate Tax, Co-Chair for IPBC Cambridge

“The sun doesn’t give light to the moon assuming the moon is going to owe it one.”

Mike loves planning and helping people, period!

Oh, and he’s a “Tax Nerd” and we’re not afraid to flaunt it. Tax planning and execution make him tick, but we are guessing it is not your thing. Mike wants it to be his thing – for you.

At UpSide Accounting we love creative people, but definitely not “creative accounting”. When you stay on the right side of the law it’s called tax planning. Tax planning minimizes your corporate & sales tax burdens but keeps you in the “good books” with the CRA.

We want you to spend your valuable time creatively running your business. Let Mike spend his getting your taxes planned and filed on time.

QBO Pro Certified, Hubdoc Advanced Partner, Plooto Partner

Planner, deadline focused, detail oriented.

World’s best dad, World class BBQ’r, home renovator, cut throat Sorry player.

Mike believes Habitat for Humanity is a great organization, and he wishes more people could help the Cambridge Humane Society.


Phil McTaggart, CPB   

Managing Partner, Strategic Advisor

“What we think, we become”

Phil wants to be your mentor for personal growth and professional experience. He is going to listen to your concerns and empower you for change.

He provides accurate, clear and concise financial statements in real time so you have the data to act on business decisions quickly and with confidence.

UpSide Accounting can provide further services offering strategic advice. With Phil’s guidance, you can be setting goals, budgets and measuring your progress for future success.

QBO Pro Advisor, Xero Certified, Hubdoc Advanced Partner, Plooto Partner

Musician, solo nature adventurer, gardener.

Phil does his part by thinking “green” and contributing to the world’s efforts to protect the environment for future generations.


Keri MacNeil 

Office Manager, Tax Prep, Cloud Accounting Technician

“A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor”

Keri is often your first point of contact at UpSide Accounting. She looks forward to hearing from you and will pleasantly direct you to other team members.

She balances her time looking after bookkeeping tasks and making sure your personal tax files are organized so the UpSide tax team can get you filed efficiently and professionally.

QBO Pro Certified, Hubdoc Advanced Partner, WagePoint Certified

Foodie, pick up truck driver, hobbyist.

Keri loves volunteering at her local community centre.

IMG_3892 (1)

Harshvir Buttar, BBA

Cloud Accounting Technician

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”

Harsh is a quick learner and very independent. She enjoys working with numbers and challenging tasks to keep her going.

Harsh is also passionate in helping and doing her best in any work task given. She mainly works with bookkeeping and ensuring it’s done in a good manner.

She applies her detail oriented skills while working to make sure everything is done just right. Overall, you can trust her to be an organized and accurate worker.

Hubdoc Advanced Partner, Hubdoc-QBO Certified ProAdvisor, QBO Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

Problem-solver, hardworking, respectful, motivated.

Spends lots of time with her family, spending time outdoors, tutoring in math, and travelling.

Being environmentally friendly and tutoring for free.


Stacey Leonard, 5th Year BComm 

Marketing Coordinator

“If you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope
you dance.”

Stacey is a diligent, hard-working and organized bookkeeper. You can rest assured that she will strive to keep your books updated and accurate on a timely basis.

Besides her love of numbers, Stacey likes to explore her creative side in Marketing. She keeps UpSide Accounting up to date on all things related to web publicity.

On top of striving to make every client feel valued, she wants to support your successes by recognizing your business achievements via our firm’s social media accounts.

QBO Certified ProAdvisor, Hubdoc Certified Partner, Wagepoint Certified

Kind, helpful, hardworking, organized.

She loves to dance, hit the gym, go for leisurely strolls outside with her dog, and spend time with family and friends.

Stacey loves being a Good Samaritan in her community and supporting environmental initiatives.


Kellie Parks, CPB

Financial Technology Trainer, Cloud Accounting Professional

“Change is hard, not changing will be harder – books, business, life.”

Kellie has two roles at UpSide Accounting.

Kellie is a member of the Intuit trainer/writer network. She is our technology on-boarder and would love to introduce you to Cloud Financial Technology. Love to! Not like to, love to.

When she educates our clients about cloud accounting options, it’s always rewarding. For you, for her, for your business.

Kellie is also a task oriented bookkeeper. She strives for bulletproof books and will to work collaboratively with you to produce accurate, current and meaningful financial data.

QBO Advanced Pro Certified, Hubdoc Advanced Partner, WagePoint Certified, Plooto Partner, Xero Certified, TSheets Pro Certified

Enthusiastic, problem-solver, relentless organizer.

Skier, runner, Aussies – the 4 legged kind.

Kellie is a volunteer groomer/tacker/leader at Sunrise Therapeutic Stables and feels that her experiences there are more therapeutic for her than for her riders.

Sunrise Therapeutic Riding Stable

Want to join our enthusiastic team?

Sorry, but we are currently not hiring. The good news is that our team is growing quickly so the need will arise very soon. Please send a PDF copy of your resume & cover letter to team@upsideaccounting.ca if you want to be considered for future positions as they become available.