Chris Noon Creative Inc. is a dynamic creative studio that provides outstanding branding and marketing solutions to clients in the GTA. They partner and integrate with amazing agencies and local companies to support their in-house strategies, along with developing solutions that engage their clients’ teams and audiences through driving action and tangible outcomes.

As a result of the ongoing value and in-demand expertise they provide their client base, Chris Noon, Owner & Creative, Brand Director, has had to oversee and handle many areas of his small business – including the handling of finances.

Recognizing that there was a necessity to streamline financial processes, Noon turned to UpSide Accounting for his business needs after having been a client for his personal taxes for a number of years.

“I realized very quickly that accounting was taking up the most of my time, especially during tax time,” Noon shared. “When Mike (Widdis) shared that UpSide offered bookkeeping services in addition to tax services, I jumped on that right away”.

Feeling confident and having peace of mind in knowing that Chris Noon Creative Inc.’s finances are extremely organized with UpSide has resulted in having a simple and straightforward annual tax time phone call that lasts under an hour, in comparison to the 30 hours it used to take previously to compile financials during tax season.
“Everything’s been taken care of all year round, so resolving things at the end of the year only involves correcting a few entries because everything’s been cleaned up on an ongoing basis”, Noon expressed. “UpSide has also been a massive and invaluable resource, to the point where I won’t make a move without consulting them, because I want to understand what the [financial] impact of my business decisions will be. I’ve spent enough time being surprised by things before.”

Speaking of surprises, many businesses across various sectors can relate to the countless unknowns that have resulted during the pandemic. As government assistance and relief programs have shifted constantly due to the varying impacts of COVID, it’s been difficult to understand how to proceed with obtaining this type of support as a small business.

“During this past year, having UpSide be proactive in telling me what I needed to know as the governmental rules shifted regarding relief eligibility, me not having to do my own research was incredibly helpful,” Noon stated. “I’m huge on efficient processes and automation, and UpSide’s cloud-based technology and month-to-month subscription model helps me to foresee my monthly costs and overhead – especially during this time.”