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What kind of businesses partner with UpSide Accounting?


Creative Professionals

You are a creative business.  It’s tough keeping up with all the projects on your plate.

Your business is intense with technology.  And details.  So is accounting.  But often it takes two different types of personalities to deal with the creative and financial sides of your business.

Your creative business is free flowing, fast paced and reactive. It’s visual and imaginative.

Accounting is methodical and analytical.  It follows steps and procedures.

Accounting and creative businesses come together beautifully as a team though if the collaboration is based on technology, communication, and systems.

We love FinTech, we embrace it for what it can do for creative businesses who understand the benefits of technology.  We want to use it to bring efficiency and real-time data to your business.


You are a start-up business. It’s scary trying to keep track of all the requirements of getting this thing going.

Your head is swirling with the intensity and issues of getting rolling. And staying in business. You’ve got great ideas of what you want to do, why it’s going to be great but you have to get it going.

We can relate. We’ve been there. We know what you’re going through. We are experienced accounting professionals, but our firm was at the start-up phase not that long ago.

We can relate to your highs and lows, and we want to make sure we can take some of the pain away from the accounting side of your business.

Pubs & Breweries

You are a lifestyle business.  You are running around looking after the customers coming through your door.

You are a restaurant, a craft brewery, an independent cinema… You have special accounting needs and feel overwhelmed.

How to keep track of your cost of goods coming in the door.  How to record the sales going out the door.  How to track the relationship between the two to create profit all while margins are slim.  You have to get it right.

You have employees, overhead, bills to pay and taxes to submit.

All the while you want to provide great service and product experiences you can take pride in and keep the customers coming back for more.

You need help with this, and UpSide Accounting wants to take the financial and compliance side of your business off your plate.

“Mike is a very personable and competent professional who offers great advice, guidance and knowledge. I highly recommend Mike and his team.”

Trevor Stooke, Stooke Media

“After years of putting my personal finances and taxes aside, I met Mike and knew that he was the person I wanted to trust. Not only did Mike go above and beyond to ensure that he delivered results that I wanted, he also kept me in the know every step of the way. From filing my taxes dating back to about 7 years ago, giving me realistic and eye opening financial advice on the personal and business side, I know that I can trust Mike with all my financial details. He is approachable, professional, knows his stuff, makes dealing with finances really easy and acts as a confidant. Thank you Mike for everything you’ve taught me and given to me. I look forward to working with you every year moving forward.”

Elaine Geroche, GreatBeard

As a creative professional, paperwork is kryptonite. I was 2 years late on my HST filing and felt completely overwhelmed. Upside got me to face my fears and get square with CRA. They held my hand through the entire process. Ever since then, I’ve used their advice to keep my business side in check so I can get back to the work I really love. The truth is, the amount I was formerly paying in interest and late penalty to CRA more than pays for their services and it feels great to know that the business side of things are being handled. You can’t afford not to work with Upside.

Ben Knechtel, Award Winning Video Director